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The pride of rebirth dotes on his wife

The pride of rebirth dotes on his wife

The pride of rebirth dotes on his wife

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    The pride of rebirth dotes on his wife
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    Rice cakes are not bad
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    Daily Novel
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2022-08-15 09:35:36
[full text free] once he wakes up, Mu Nansheng watches his favorite man Jiangbei Jia and his closest sister mu wanwan destroy his family and family. It turned out... It turned out that everything was a hoax! "Sister, my dear good sister, look at your good husband. It's very kind to you. I'd rather sacrifice myself to protect you. Oh... Blame you for being blind." Mu wanwan sneered and grabbed Mu Nansheng's neck "my good sister, let me give you a ride!" on the verge of death, mu nanshang's mind flashed a man, "Gu Jingchen, I'm sorry..." once reborn, mu nanshang took back everything that belonged to him, coaxed his husband and mother-in-law, abused slag, abused slag or abused slag after the rebirth, everything seems to have deviated from the track with the rebirth. The wooden box left by his mother, the mysterious competitor and the hidden ultimate boss... Everything seems to have changed. Let's see how mu Nansheng and Gu Jingchen face the unknown risks together this article covers the past life abuse and present life love between male and female. Please look forward to it! (everyone has no loss in taking shares, and updates the four chapters on time every day, asking for attention, votes and rush!)

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