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After crossing, I deviated!

After crossing, I deviated!

After crossing, I deviated!

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    After crossing, I deviated!
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    Cold water cage sand
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-06-23 10:04:16
From an era of prosperous science and technology and lack of materials, Li Yu went through an unknown ancient environment, ate delicious food, collected several industrious younger brothers and lived a dream life pillar: "sister, what shall we do when we spend all our silver?" old man Li Yuchong winked the old man sighed: "cheat with me - no! Get it with me!" a son of a generation secretly stretched out his hand: "don't be so troublesome, I have!" Li Yu: "hehe! Yours is me. Who else uses their own!" ··· pillar: "sister, we don't have many pills!" Li Yu: "there are not many dandaozong, are there?" The old man: "I'll take someone to get it!" ··· pillar: "sister, we don't have enough magic weapons!" Li Yu just wanted to open his mouth, and the pillar nodded, "I understand!" then go to the direction of Qizong with the old man the old man said excitedly to everyone: "with the leadership of boss Li, our future is bright! We will also carry forward all the skills of pit, deception and so on!" people: ···· Li Yu: in fact, I am a good man! really ha-ha!

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