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Heart attack

Heart attack

Heart attack

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    Heart attack
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    Fine brushwork elephant
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    Wine Novel
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2022-07-02 07:04:11
[charming, domineering and coquettish goblin vs president of the two faced wife chasing maniac] Tang Hong only talked about Guan Sizu for five years< Br> I thought I could wait for a wedding after five years of youth, but what I got was a white moonlight double terrier< Br> for a while, he became more and more angry. He angrily fanned the slag man and took the money to leave. He glanced at the slag man's dog brother in passing. the banquet was a domineering president. Gao Leng was set up by people. He was the first person to chase his wife at the crematorium step by step< Br> during the five years of love, Tang Hong also heard the name of cocoon, which once made her think she was falling in love with this man< Br> however, when they actually met, he not only covered up for the scum man, but also mocked himself. Tang Hong's impression of him was so bad that he only hoped that he would never meet again in the future. As a result, he became his immediate boss< Br> the feast weaves a fishing net for a piece of sugar< Br> but the fish always don't take the bait. What should we do? Chase< Br> when he closed the net, tanghong also knew that he had fallen into a trap and had no way to escape< Br>... shoot on set one day< Br> at the end of the year, xiaoxianrou grabbed tanghongyi's hand and shook it while playing coquettish: "sister screenwriter, teach me how to act, sister ~" she is called sister at the end of the year, and her mind is very wild< Br> tanghong was also elated at once, holding a small meal of fresh meat to teach in person< Br> when a president saw it, he leaned tanghong against the wall: "sister, I'm not very good at kissing. Why don't I teach in person?"< Br> tanghongyi: "uncle, if you eat peanuts, you won't get so drunk."< Br> at the banquet, he pulled away his tie and wrote sinister words on his face, "sister Xiao Yi, kiss? Uncle is very sweet and doesn't want money."< Br> tanghongyi: "...."

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