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Madam general, don t go

Madam general, don t go

Madam general, don t go

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    Madam general, don t go
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    Purple Xuan
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    Beauty Read
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2022-07-03 15:39:59
Jiang Jiao, who is skilled in medicine and cooking, has a stepmother and a stepfather. No one hurts< Br> general Ning yuanxiu, who took the initiative to marry the fiancee of "Ke Shi" five families, congratulated the comatose ancestors of the generals' mansion< Br> her purpose is not pure. He has no feelings for her< Br> "since everyone in the family needs you, you can carry the name of the general's wife for one day!"< Br> coincidentally, she didn't plan to stay in the general's residence all the time< Br> but later, who was hanging around in front of her all day< Br> she packed her bedding and carried her back to the general's residence< Br> the general, with a long, strong body and handsome features, pulled Jiang Jiao's sleeve: "madam, don't go! Don't go!" if you don't go, will you be killed? "< Br> Ning yuan, who vomited blood for 18 liters, repaired his neck and stubbornly said, "you've been all right for so long, which shows that we are a match made in heaven!"< Br> Jiang Jiao rolled her eyes, shook her sleeves and left< Br> "I will not only leave, but also divorce my husband. I will also hire a husband! who calls me a rich family! one sentence introduction: rely on my strength to find a backer! the story of chasing my wife at the crematorium! (Shuangjie - a couple for life)