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The prince dotes on the princess

The prince dotes on the princess

The prince dotes on the princess

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    The prince dotes on the princess
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    Strange Duo
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    Light Novel
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2022-06-23 08:53:02
As killers, Lin Xi and her sister both died when they were chased and killed by their enemies. Lin Xi crossed over to Su Yuxi, the daughter of the Prime Minister of the Su family. Su Yuxi lost her mother when she was a child and was bullied by Jin's mother and daughter, the concubine of the su family. Prime Minister Su blinded her eyes, didn't distinguish right from wrong and indulged Jin's blindly. The original owner Su Yuxi was left to live and die outside the Su family. She was bullied by slaves and helpless because she had no favor and power, Unfortunately, he died. Lin Xi spent nearly two years growing up in Waizhuang and cultivating her own power. "Lord! No!!" a bodyguard shouted. Lin Xi: "Oh? The prince who blocks the sword for the bodyguard?! it's interesting. In that case, I'll save you." can Lin Xi and Lin Mo meet again? Can the injured Lord catch up with his little wife?