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Hurry up and wear the clothes of the villain boss

Hurry up and wear the clothes of the villain boss

Hurry up and wear the clothes of the villain boss

Rating: 9 / 10 from 4940 ratings
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    Hurry up and wear the clothes of the villain boss
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    Light rain Xi Xi
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2022-01-18 02:38:24
[Ding ~ congratulations to the host on obtaining an all-round system] what? Universal system? Bai Yanxi took a hard blow at the corner of her mouth Bai Yanxi, originally an all-around beautiful girl in the 21st century, accidentally obtained a chattering system. According to the instructions of the system, she shuttled through all time and space to complete all kinds of brain disabled tasks against the protagonist! Therefore, Bai Yanxi went farther and farther on the road to become a qualified villain however, why didn't the broken system tell her that there was another Tasker in this space-time? Still decent?! What a coincidence, this guy makes her unable to pretend to be forced every time! Ah, bah! The task cannot be completed successfully... "if you come out of the system, I promise I won't dismantle you!" "how can the system satisfy your wife? Or let you be a husband ~" in this way, Bai Yanxi, a villain, was accepted by a decent big man and opened her costume life beautifully... for someone's constant harassment, Bai Yanxi roared: "please find out that I'm a villain and travel 50 meters away from me?" someone replied gracefully: "it's my principle to be shameless!" Bai Yanxi was crazy... "Xi Xi, I shuttle through every time and space, not for anything else, just to meet you, get my luck and lose my life!" [men and women are in good physical and mental health, and go two-way to see how the two big men interpret different legendary lives in different time and space!]

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