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There is Nanxia

There is Nanxia

There is Nanxia

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    There is Nanxia
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    Picking stars in Chang'an
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    Only Novel
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2022-04-15 11:34:10
* the wind and frost in troubled times awakened her from the dream of Huayuan. The wind and frost knocked down the laurel, the rain and snow washed the flower makeup, and she was faced with the choice of life and death, love and hate all the time. Is Nan Xia fighting for his country, or walking through his life silently * no matter how difficult it is for Xu Qing to be in the state of Xu, he always has to give up something when he embarks on this road. Shang Du clenched his trembling fists * "do I deserve to be a dog?" Mo Liuchuan wiped the bright red from the corners of his mouth and raised the long knife again... * "how can I make atonement?" Bai Chenzhi burst into tears "when the war of resistance against Japan is won, we must be together!" Nan Xia smiled "OK." Shang Du looked at the white fish belly in the sky.

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