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Don t make me talk

Don t make me talk

Don t make me talk

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    Don t make me talk
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    Music Sanskrit
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    Weixin Book
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2022-01-14 11:42:09
Obviously can speak, but have to pretend to be mute you obviously have the ability of "God", but you can't use it wantonly you can stand at the top of the pyramid, but you are committed to selling pancakes and fruits at the bottom of the pyramid to get rich he is a real big man, but he thinks he is a little white flower Du Xinchi's life motto: people don't offend me, I don't offend, if people offend me, I'll talk When I talk, I'm afraid of myself obviously, he is the proud son of the emperor, but he keeps a low profile it is clear that people are of high status and respected by thousands of people, but they treat people equally and regardless of inferiority it is clear that you can cultivate and ascend the avenue with one heart, but you like to linger in the world and spend all sentient beings Mingming vowed to be a hero, but was willing to be her bodyguard qingrongyu's life motto: meet Du Xinchi: I am willing to devote myself to world peace and die after meeting Du Xinchi: you are my world!

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