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Wrong marriage: Disabled president is too wild

Wrong marriage: Disabled president is too wild

Wrong marriage: Disabled president is too wild

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    Wrong marriage: Disabled president is too wild
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    Mu Nuan
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    Free Trial Novel
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2022-04-23 03:05:38
[cool pet light sweet + little humor + high cold and pretend to be a weak man + stupid cute and careful machine woman] Qiao Yu was just picked up by the Qiao family from the countryside, he was forced to marry the crippled Tang family, who was also said to be a waste of less than half a year. A group of people are waiting to see her joke, especially the Qiao family. After all, "Qiao language is only worthy of being a stepping stone for the Qiao family!" However, after marriage, Qiao Yu slapped those people one by one. The original ugly waste was "awakened" by Qiao Yu and turned into the power holder of the Tang consortium! The ghosts and monsters of the Qiao family were cleaned up by her one by one, trying to rob her mother's inheritance? I'm sorry, then you can leave the house clean! Some people don't give up: the young master of the Tang family approached her for another purpose, not because he fell in love with Qiao Yu! Two small balls appeared behind Qiao Yu, "Mommy, daddy has proposed again!"

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