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The son-in-law guards the princess every day

The son-in-law guards the princess every day

The son-in-law guards the princess every day

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    The son-in-law guards the princess every day
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    Flying paper kite
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    Wind Book
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2022-01-15 09:38:16
In front is the light, behind is you when you can't retreat, retreat to my arms< Br>, I will guard you with my life, my Highness Princess. Br > she is the next female monarch of Xuehai state and the Regent of Xuehai state. She is the royal highness of everyone, the first beauty of the four countries. He is the son of long Aoguo. He fell in love with her the first time he saw her. She is the moon in the sky and the fairy in the picture. I am the stars and the weeds at the foot of the fairy segment 1: "ah Xue, are you married to me because of my similar face with Nangong Muxi, or do you have a little heart for me?" Yuwen Fengyu asked humbly fragment 2: "he is him, he is not him. I think he is him, but not him. So he loves him even if he is not." Murong Snow said softly segment 3: "my son-in-law is a fool. I always love him. He doesn't know." Murong white snow gently kissed him on the forehead fool, we were together in the last life. I'm looking for you in this life the plot is not dog blood, it is the third generation, but this book will focus on the third generation. The female leader is an immortal. She can have golden fingers and spells. She is high and cold. The man is three years younger than the woman. Every life is three years younger. The man is a little wolf dog and a little wolf dog. In front of the princess, he is a warm man and a sweet little son-in-law take a closer look. In fact, several books of Zhiyuan are strung together, which is very interesting.

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