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Boss, she doesn t want to be a man again

Boss, she doesn t want to be a man again

Boss, she doesn t want to be a man again

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    Boss, she doesn t want to be a man again
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    Gu Xingtong
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    Garden Novel
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2022-01-14 10:57:40
[women with bi-directional affective disorder & men with a favorite wife and no bottom line] a class change student with ugly appearance, poor grades and irritability came to class 4, grade 2, high school affiliated to Beijing University it's said that she framed others after being exposed as the daughter of the Chu family. As a result, she was driven out. Everyone: deserved it however, one day, Chu Han, a business genius, took a woman to a banquet and announced in a high profile: This is my daughter people: it's a straw bag at an award ceremony, Chu Li was there again people: just to see the next second, a woman stood on the stage with the trophy of the highest scientific research award in physics in her hand people: I'm not sour in the corner of a banquet, people saw the capital "Prince" who had never been close to women and was cold and abstinent. He bowed his head and patiently coaxed a woman to eat strawberries people: lemon fruit on the lemon tree, you and me under the lemon tree... an interview with a reporter one day: where is Miss Chu Li in your heart in the face of the live video, a man straightened his clothes and spoke very seriously: she will always be my first choice here all the people were worried and comforted themselves: it's all right. Miss Chu Li is blind one day, a video was posted on the hot search on the video, a woman was asked: what prompted you to return to scientific research after five years and win a grand slam a woman is serious: I took my medicine host: what medicine a woman: paroxetine host: are you still so happy with your medicine? Is it the "Prince" who feeds you a woman looked at someone in the audience and her eyes lit up: No, because he is my paroxetine a man burst into flowers with a bang in his heart. Everyone said: what a big wave of dog food slapped on my face please refer to the text ~