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After quitting the marriage, my fiance was raided by me

After quitting the marriage, my fiance was raided by me

After quitting the marriage, my fiance was raided by me

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    After quitting the marriage, my fiance was raided by me
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    榎 榎
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2022-01-10 21:57:25
[dare to love and hate, really beautiful and matchless vs arrogant, lofty and immovable] the young supporting girl of the new scholar family has an engagement with Mr. Xie, the son of the aristocratic family it is said that the family supporting girl is vulgar, gold, delicate and debauchery; And the Xie family's childe has an unparalleled beauty. It is said that the combination of the two is Zhilan falling dust and mud at first: the willows were blowing in the breeze and flowers were flying all over the sky. The arrogant and noble aristocratic childe's sleeves were light and high he knocked on the folding fan in his hand and said carelessly: "no, the marriage will be invalid?" She: "OK." however, after countless times you came to me: I saw her standing on the side of the handsome boy, her eyes hanging like beads, smiling and smiling his heart was devastated by sadness. He gritted his teeth: "this marriage has not been invalidated yet?" She: "?" then: he failed to marry, and his eyes burned like ghosts and fire: "if you don't marry me, let's see who else dares to fight with me in Jiankang city." She: "?" how many faces do you have, Mr. Lang - small theater 1: "I want a lot of money." "what do you want to replace?" between the moonlight and the light, her eyes are like autumn water, her eyebrows are like flowers, her skin is like snow and ice jade, and her bare and graceful figure is extremely beautiful "me." in Xie Zhan's scrutinizing eyes, she looked at his fiery eyes, "Xie Changheng, I only give you three chances." - small theater 2: She blocked the arrow for him "aren't you dying?" "what are you doing to me?" the next day, he was dressed in strange clothes, "don't be angry if you made a mistake yesterday."

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